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Planning a Destination Wedding - The Process

Soo.. you got engaged and for a minute there you are pure bliss, right until you start thinking about the actual wedding, realize you may need guidance and decide to start looking for a Wedding Planner, and the process begins!

We love engaging with our couples and potential couples, and once you reach out to us, we will do our best to Schedule your Initial Consultation ASAP to understand what you are looking for and offer as much guidance as we can. We believe every bride deserves her dream wedding, and once we all have decided we are a great fit, we will adopt your wedding as our own, and we start looking for additional teammates to make sure your wedding is beyond everything you imagined!

We always recommend starting with the venue, there are plenty of options in Cabo that can work with your wedding vision. Considering we are working with a Destination Wedding, we would usually start with the accommodation for your guests. While most of the resorts have amazing wedding venues, there are some off-site options that make incredible wedding locations, this would depend on the logistics of your wedding and your overall budget as well.

After we decide on your wedding location, we need to work on the vendors. It is very important that you are comfortable with all of them, after all, we will be curating your wedding and your guests' experience for a long time.

We usually recommend doing at least one planning visit with us, two would be the best, one to pick the venue and a second one to do menu tastings and make final choices, however it is the latter that matters the most to us.

This Planning Visit is really when it all starts getting real, by this time we have most of the vendors booked and options picked, you have been working on your exquisite decor with the talented florist of your choice and it is time to bring everything to life.

And after all those calls, emails and choices, we finally get to your wedding weekend!

We get just as excited as you when the time finally comes! We are thrilled to have you back in Los Cabos for these marvelous days ahead and we can’t wait for everything to come together!

After your arrival, we like to get together for a final meeting where we go over our timelines and make sure every detail is lined up for you. We go over the dress rehearsal with your closest friends and family and we stay on top of anything that may come up.

Then, the most awaited and exciting day arrives, and we are here to make sure every person involved in your gorgeous wedding is ready for you and we will take care of everything ! You just sit back, relax, let us work our magic and get ready to shine!

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