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At Romantic Celebrations, we believe everyone should have their dream wedding, and we are fully committed in making this happen for each of our wonderful couples.

We are convinced that every event starts from the day you begin the planning process, and we make sure to make this journey seamless and enjoyable for you.

Our team specializes in providing unique experiences for you and your guests, while executing marvelous parties where our creativity and expertise is brought into action to maximize our vendors talents and showcase our hosts essence.



Hola! My name is Minerva, owner and CEO to Romantic Celebrations.

I am from Monterrey, a huge northern city in Mexico, and I absolutely love planning events, whether it is a wedding, a party, a dinner, you name, I am on it!


I am always thrilled to meet our lovely clients, and hear all about their background and story, and create a unique wedding for each of our couples.


I have been planning events for the last 12 years, in very different backgrounds, and for very different guests. however, Romantic Celebrations has been long in the making, since I planned my first wedding over 25 years ago.


I am very passionate about traveling and learning from different people and cultures, and food of course! And then bring all these together to create something special for you!

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